NCTCUG Meeting Photos
June 23rd, 2004
Motherboard & Processor Assembly

Meeting Photos by Sony DSC-P71

Intel Corporation donated a Hyperthreading Technology motherboard and Pentium 4, 3+ Gigahertz processor to NCTCUG. The photographs which follow show our members assembling these and other components to create a new demonstration computer for the group, replacing a PII, 400 MHz-class machine. This computer will be available for members to borrow between meetings to become acquainted with HT technology.

Foundation of the new system, Intel motherboard. .

Motherboard with identifying labels.

Pentium 4 Processor was donated by Intel. Didn't need this heat
sink and fan, because one was include in the processor box.
Four sticks of 128 meg Rambus memory.

Parts for the new demonstration computer.
Top left - Combo drive - CD/RW and DVD-ROM.
Bottom left - 120 Gig Western Digital hard drive.

New demo computer case before assembly.

Bottom of case, rubber feet being installed.
Bottom air intake for front fan is shown.

Case parts and directions. One of the most difficult areas
of the assembly was finding the correct screws
to fasten the motherboard to the bottom of the case.

Fan filter and the leads to connect various front
panel lights, switches, USB ports, and audio I/O jacks.

Another view, filter partially installed

Power connectors, including the special Pentium 4 motherboard connection.

... and elbows. When all else fails, we do read the directions !!

P4 Processor installed in motherboard socket

Processor smeared with heat-transfer compound.

Switch On.
No smoke, but no fans rotating, either !!
Try the switch on the power strip.

New case with drives installed.
"Intel Inside" logo applied.
Floppy drive light is working !!

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