NCTCUG Meeting Photos
Aug 4th, 2004
Software Loading
Presidential Security, circa 1946

Meeting Photos by Sony DSC-P71

Intel Corporation donated a Hyperthreading Technology motherboard and Pentium 4, 3+ Gigahertz processor to NCTCUG. Scenes from a meeting during which various drivers, anti-virus and anti-spam software was loaded on the machine. This computer will be available for members to borrow between meetings to become acquainted with HT technology.

Electronic Technology from 1946 was introduced to the members. A radio receiver from the Secret Service's presidential detail was displayed, used during the latter part of WWII. This single frequency, crystal controlled receiver used miniature tubes of the type developed for artillery shell proximity fuzes. Also shown was a hand-held metal detector, the predecessor for today's airport scanning wands.

Watching the results of a new modem driver installation.

Observing the installation of Spybot Search and Destroy.

Projected Image
Projected image - answering a question about EBay.

Secret Service Radio
Secret Service Receiver - Presidential protective detail, WWII.

Secret Service Metal Detector
Secret Service hand-held metal detector.
Canvas battery belt; Electronics package; Pickup coil.

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