NCTCUG Meeting Photos
February 2nd, 2005
Power Supply Replacement
New Demo Computer

Meeting Photos 1,2,& 5 by Sony DSC-P71
Photos 3, 4 & 6 by Bill Walsh

On January 26th, a laser target designator, operated by persons unnamed for reasons of political expendiency, fell upon the video projector. Coincident with this, the demo computer squawked and died. On February 2nd, a new power supply was installed. The coroner's report for the old supply reads "early infant mortality."

New Power Supply
A new power supply was obtained to replace the failed unit.

New Power Supply
New PSU showing connection wiring.

Roger and Jim install power supply.

Final adjustments
Final adjustments.

PSU Installed
Installed Supply - note red switch / button and LEDs - changes speed of fan.

Multiple projects proceed.
Ron and Nick work on 98SE installation; JJ & Paul listen to an explanation.

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