NCTCUG Meeting Photos
Various 2005 Meetings
Laptops, Smart Computing, APCUG,

Meeting Photos by Paul Howard

April - New Laptop Rollout - Blair's new Dell.

Jim's Toshiba was another entry in the beautiful, widescreen war.

Updating AV protection on the group's demo computer.

Dean and Jim discuss a laptop issue, while John and Roger check a (gasp) paper reference.

In May, we were visited by a team of presenters from Smart Computing.

Ashley Hannant and Erin Rodriguez, the Smart Computing team.
Gee, we need faster digital film to keep up with the demo team (grin).
They did a wonderful job - we hope to welcome them back again!

The Smart Computing team captured a rapt audience.

Lots of great references on the Smart Computing web site.

Jim's got the equipment set up for a July demonstration.

APCUG rep Gabe Goldberg prepares for the demo of a text messaging device.

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