The Radio Frequency Spectrum - The Other Ether

During March, 2007, Bill Walsh gave demonstrations of a broad range of the radio frequency spectrum to WACUG and NCTCUG. This page displays some of the equipment used for these demos, along with display captures from the computer software used. Software from Moetronix.

The SDR-14 from RFSpace

ICOM R7000 Wideband Receiver
The ICOM R7000 receiver, covers 25 MHz to 2000 MHz. When the 10.7 MHz IF (Intermediate Frequency) output of this receiver is fed to the RF Space SDR-14, and a computer with the appropriate software, the spectrum displays shown below are created.

FM Broadcast Band - DC Area
Local broadcast FM spectrum: 88 - 108 MHz

A portion of the commercial aircraft band, centered on 127 MHz.

NTSC Signal - Right; DTV Signal - Left
NTSC TV Signal to the left; Digital TV Signal to the right.

Water fall display of NTSC Signal - left; DTV Signal - right
The waterfall display of the digital TV signal on the left indicates the vastly greater amount
of information transmitted in a high definition digital signal compared
to the NTSC signal to the right of the display.


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