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Smart Computing Magazine and its parent, Sandhills Publishing, sponsored a user group subscription program until early in 2010. Computer users should tour their web sites and try a publication that suits their needs.

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Smart Computing® often becomes a valuable part of many readers' reference libraries. Popular regular features include a Q&A section, which answers readers' questions; PC Operating Instructions, which focuses on the fundament skills of using various operating sytems; and Quick Studies, which contains how-to articles explaining a single feature of major appplications such as Microsoft Excel and Quicken.

Computer Power User® is a monthly publication aimed at people who know that technology rocks. The kind of person who geths his kicks upgrading graphics cards and smashing benchmarks. It's for people who enjoy wireless gadgets, fast internet connections, and Quake III. People who like honest reviews, useful tips, and refreshing commentary from world-class computing experts. People who would rather check out the next exhibit at E3 in person than rely on the latest drivel from some PD flack.

PC Today® is a monthly magazine for Windows users, deliverying frank information about their operating system. Each issue includes the latest computing news, the lowdown on the latest Windows updates, hardware previews, and software reviews. PC Today features advanced tips, tutorials for novice and expert PC users, troubleshooting advice, networking how-to information, and a look at current PC games. PC Today is written for those seeking practical answers to real-world computing questions and for folks who enjoy making the most of their PCs.

First Glimpse® Learn how to incorporate today's high-tech consumer electronics into your everyday life. Each issue of First Glimpse is loaded with specific help in buying and using cell phones, digital cameras, MP3 players, digital TVs, and more from brands you know and trust.

Reference Series issues are all-in-one resources for computing facts and information. Each issue is designed for you to take home, put next to your PC, and refer to for years to come. You'll find full-color illustrations and in-depth articles, along with historical facts and figures, all designed to help you make sense of computers and the Internet.

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